Canva Basics


Below are the detailed instructions on how to use Canva for your basic graphic design needs. It is recommended that you always make a copy of your design first before doing any edits, just in case.


Important Tips:

  • Remember to only use your branding elements for all of your designs (colors, graphics, etc). Since Canva is a free platform, they may not have your recommended fonts from your brand style guide - this is fine, you will just want to choose fonts that look similar to the suggested fonts that I gave you.
  • Since Canva is working over the Internet, often times it make take 1-2 minutes for changes to appear. This is normal, and based on their software as well as your internet speed.

Importing Your New Design

  • You will be sent an email from @augustandwhite with a link to the design (Canva login will be required).
  • The design will open, and you will want to click on File > Make a Copy.
  • To change the name of this document, click on the title towards the top right corner and you will see a box come up where you can enter alternate text.

Making Changes

  • To change an element (such as text) simply click on the item you would like changed. You can change the sizing, color, etc. at the top of the page. To change the background, use the left menu and choose "BKGROUND".
  • When you have your design perfect, you can go to File > Save.
  • When you are ready to download, click on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the top and select an option; it will download when it's finished creating your file.

The Help Center

Canva also has a great help center where you can search for help items. Happy designing!