Assembly & Postage


Your order will arrive flat and unassembled, unless assembly was purchased with your cards.

  • Invitations are assembled with each card face up, and the largest card on the bottom to the smallest on top.

  • Slide the fully assembled invitation suite into the envelope (left edge first). All cards should face up, and when your guests open the flap they should be able to read the invitation.

  • If reply cards were purchased, you will take the RSVP envelope with the flap face up and pointing towards the right. Then, insert the reply card into the flap facing up. Don’t forget to place a stamp on the envelope so they can mail them back to you!

  • If you’re using inner envelopes slide the fully assembled invitation suite into the inner envelope (left edge first). You do not seal an inner envelope. Next, put the unsealed inner envelope inside the outer envelope with the guests’ names (or front) facing up. (Note: Inner envelopes are not required and are typically used for formal invitations).

  • If envelope liners were purchased, they will come assembled in the envelope.



We strongly recommend using permanent adhesive to seal your envelopes; please do not rely on moistening the gum of the envelope, licking or use standard glue for proper sealing. You will find several available options; we like the tape kind, with double sided adhesive so there’s no mess! 



If you have purchased envelopes with white ink, we recommend purchasing spray adhesive (example) for your envelopes. Just give them a quick spray before taking them to the post office, to ensure that the colors don't run during mailing.



Prior to mailing, bring a fully assembled set to the post office where you are mailing them from and have them properly weighed and purchase your postage. Instead of dropping them off to mail them, we recommend bringing them to the post office to be hand-canceled. The post office will manually sort the envelopes instead of running them through machines, which reduces the risk of damage.