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New Squarespace Users

If you are new to Squarespace, I recommend starting with their video tutorials below. They go into depth about how to make style changes, while the custom video I created for you goes into your specific site and any custom design changes that may need to be made.


Technical Questions

Should you have any technical questions about your site, Squarespace Support is wonderful so you may reach out to them directly; also, you can Google what you need and most of the time you can find instructions. I also have helpful resources below, that walk you through important SEO and editing information regarding your site.



Your custom video
In your Dropbox folder you will have a video that walks you through the basics of updating your site.


Special site coding
Please note that many items on your site are custom coded - please do not delete or modify anything within the CSS panel, or this can negatively affect your site. If you change templates in the future, your CSS will be deleted permanently.


Some of your images may have special coding for borders, text, etc. To keep the consistency of your site, should you need to switch out one of these photos, please use the edit mode and simply replace the picture - do not delete the box unless you no longer want a picture on that page.


The Markdown Box (if applicable)
Throughout your site you may see what is called Markdown, which is HTML code used to style your text. Should you need to change text for one of these, it is important that you do not delete the box - simply go into Edit mode and change the text (not the code) to what you would like for it to read.


Rotating Testimonials Section (if applicable)
This section is actually a blog, connected to a summary block. This allows the arrows and the rotation, so to edit/add testimonials you will do the following:

1. Under the Not Linked section in Pages, click on Testimonials.

2. To add one, you will simply create a new "blog post", and for the title you will put the person, and then type the actual testimonial in Options > Excerpt. Then hit save!

3. To edit, you will do this exactly the same way, or you can of course delete testimonials as well.

SEO Tips

Pictures. Picture sizing is extremely important – ensure all photos that you upload are less than 500 kb each prior to uploading any photos to your site (including blog posts, portfolio galleries, etc.). This can negatively impact SEO, and one of the things most often overlooked.

Use Headings. When a search is done in Google, it will “crawl” your site looking for keywords in your headings, not through all of the text in your site. Make sure when you are creating blog posts and other content, use your headings to generate those keywords. Headings are Heading 1, Heading 2, or Heading 3 in your text block.

Content is King. The more quality content you have on your site, the better. Think about blogging for your industry, and using social media to promote your site and drive more traffic. Using your headings properly will also help to increase your SEO. If you blog, always use vertical photos if you are pinning to Pinterest, as they will get noticed more. Your first picture in your post will automatically be your thumbnail image; you can set a different image in your blog post settings > options.

Google Search Console Registration. Register your site with Google Search Console. When you submit your site, Google will index (crawl) your site for relative content, which is helpful with SEO.  Google Search Console