Guest Addressing

August + White offers digital guest address printing to save you time and money! The font and color will match your chosen design. This guide will walk you through how to address envelopes, as well as our template you will complete.



Salutations: If you are having a more formal ceremony, salutations should be used. For informal ceremonies, you may just use first/last names.

Single Person: Mr. John Jones; or
Mr. John Jones
and Guest

To a Married Couple: Mr. and Mrs. John Jones

To a Married Couple Who Uses Different Last Names, unmarried couple living together: 
Mr. John Jones
Mrs. Jane Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
and Family

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Bryan, Keira, and Natalie

Dr. Anne Smith and Mr. John Jones; Doctors Anne and Peter Underwood (the doctor is always listed first)

Distinguished Titles: 
The Honorable Mary Thomas and Lieutenant Jonathan Anderson, U.S. Navy or Captains John and Jane Thomas, U.S. Navy



Each "Line" on the template represents a row on the envelope, as shown below. Note that Line 4 can also be the apartment number if applicable.

Apartment Example:
(Line 1) Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
(Line 2) and family
(Line 3) 1234 Street Road
(Line 4) Apartment 4B
(Line 5) New York, New York 56789


A few helpful tips:
- Please do not include any additional text, notes, spaces, returns or empty rows in the spreadsheet. Everything will print except for the Line Header.
- It is not recommended going longer than five lines on the envelope
- It is important to keep each line as short as possible so we don't have to shrink the font too small and to avoid wrapping lines.


The template

You may download our template here, and when complete you can email it to Upon receipt we will provide a one-time snapshot so you can review your addresses. Once you have provided the final template as well as design approval, we can finalize your order!