Guest Addressing

August + White offers digital printing of your return address as well as guest addressing. The font will match the font of your chosen design, as well as the ink color.




Using the correct salutations is important when addressing a formal invitation suite.

Single Person: Mr. John Jones; or

Mr. John Jones
and Guest

To a Married Couple: Mr. and Mrs. John Jones

To a Married Couple Who Uses Different Last Names, unmarried couple living together: 
Mr. John Jones
Mrs. Jane Smith

Families: Everyone over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation.

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
and Family

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Bryan, Keira, and Natalie
or (more formal)

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Mr. Bryan, Miss Keira, and Miss Natalie

Doctors:  Dr. Anne Smith and Mr. John Jones; Doctors Anne and Peter Underwood (the doctor is always listed first)

Distinguished Titles: The Honorable Mary Thomas and Lieutenant Jonathan Anderson, U.S. Navy or Captains John and Jane Thomas, U.S. Navy


Street names

Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
1234 Street Road
Apartment 4B
New York, New York 56789


Inner/Outer envelope combination

For more formal ceremonies, to help protect the invitation suite and the envelope an outer envelope is used. This envelope is slightly larger than the invitation envelope, so everything fits neatly inside. The outer envelope is where the addressing will be; you can opt to keep the invitation envelope blank, or personalize it with names.

completing your guest addressing template


submitting your spreadsheet


Step One

First, you will want to check for spelling, extra spaces, punctuation and extra returns (enters) in your spreadsheet. Please be cautious of lines that are too long, as they may wrap on your envelope. 

Capitalization will match the design as you see it in your proof, and depending on the design, I may have made additional notes about your specific addressing with your first proof.


Step Two

Email your sheet to, and upon receipt we will provide a one-time snapshot so you can review your addresses. Once you have provided the final template as well as design approval, we can finalize your order!