Brand Reveal: August + White

Services: Branding + Website Design
Business: August + White, luxury wedding stationery and brand styling


Ever wonder how designers create their own branding? Today I would like to take you through the process for when I rebranded earlier this year. The primary reason I rebranded was because I wanted to offer more graphic design services, and it was not fitting into my current wedding invitation business. Rather than trying to keep two business running simultaneously, I combined everything into one brand that spoke true for not only my wedding clients, but for the branding and website clients that I wanted to attract.

When I thought about adjectives to describe my brand and what I wanted to reflect in the future, I came up with these:

Luxurious, Clean, Minimalist, Timeless, Classic, Sophisticated, Elegant

Thinking about how I can interpret these into my new business model, I began searching on Pinterest for inspiration. From the pictures I chose several of my favorites, and compiled an inspiration board to determine the overall aesthetic as well as my color palette.

Next, I needed to determine what primary fonts I was going to use. Being a graphic designer, this part was very easy for me! My favorite font is Mrs. Eaves Roman, so combining the serif font with a sans serif font, Mr. Eaves, was a clear choice. From there, I began working on my logo, trying out several variations until I finally settled on one.


I wanted something that was clean, easy to read, and a logo that I wasn't going to change out in five years. I also wanted a symbol for my new brand, so I chose a leaf - pretty, simple, with a touch of rustic elegance. A symbol would also allow me to easily brand other parts of my business, such as social media and blogging. From there, I created the additional design elements.

At the time I began this, I was still using Wordpress and playing with Squarespace. I began developing my site, and fell in love with the platform. Initially, I was not going to create websites for my branding clients because Wordpress was too unreliable and cumbersome. However, when I found Squarespace, I knew that my background in web design would be best served for my clients using a solid platform, so I made the switch and now offer these services.

Finally, I needed to create amazing business cards for my new brand! Being a stationer and a letterpress printer myself, it was imperative that my business cards were amazing, since I sell these products. Since I am a letterpress printer, I chose to print them on double thick 236 lb. cotton paper for an extra deep impression and high quality appearance.

letterpress business cards

Hopefully you have enjoyed my branding journey! As a designer, I personally find it more difficult to design for myself than for others, so this was a lengthy process for me. In the end, I found something that represented what I wanted for my business.