Module 7: blogging

Blogging in Squarespace is incredibly simple, with an easy to navigate system and many tools all in one place. In this tutorial, you will know how to create, edit, and publish basic blog posts and how you can use their user-friendly iPad and iPhone app to blog on the go.


the blogging interface

Squarespace offers the best platform to blog, with a simple user interface. When you go into your Blog (Pages -> Blog), you will see several options.

All - this will show you all of your posts, regardless of their status.

Drafts - this will only show you posts that you are still working on, and that have not yet been published.

Review - This section will show you posts that you have completed, but would like to review before publishing.

Scheduled - these are posts that are complete, and ready to be published. Squarespace offers a great way to schedule your posts out in advance, so they can be published at the day/time that you specify.

creating a post

To create a new blog post, from your home menu choose Pages -> Blog, and then choose the "+" sign at the top. You will enter your post title (which will also be your URL) and begin typing your post. You can also add images, video, and other elements just as you would on the rest of the site.


Options For Your Post

You will see four options at the top - Content, Options, Location, and Social. These will give you more flexibility when creating your blog posts.

Content - this is the actual content of your post.

Options - You can upload a custom thumbnail image, so when it is posted it shows this images vs. the first image in your post. You can also change the URL, add and excerpt (works with some of the Squarespace templates), change the author if you have more than one person posting, etc.

Location - This is optional, but you can also tag a location for the post.

Social - You can have Squarespace automatically post to social media once you publish, and you will choose the connected social media accounts you would like.



publishing a post

When you are ready to publish your post, there are many options to choose from on how you would like to do this. At the bottom of your post in Edit mode, you will see the following options:

Tags - Tags are keywords used to assist with SEO and for the search function on your website.

Categories - An extremely important function, categories are used typically in blog sidebars to direct their readers to certain topics. I never recommend having more than 6-8 categories on your blog, just so the reader is not overwhelmed.

Comments - This is how you can control if you want this particular post to accept comments. You can control more blog settings in the Home Menu -> Settings.

Draft - All posts begin in Draft mode, but by clicking this you can also choose additional options, and the description of each is right on your screen. You can schedule the post for in the future, mark it as needs review, publish it, or keep it as a draft.

For more help, visit the Squarespace Knowledge Base.