Module 6: images + video

Inserting images and video is extremely simple in Squarespace. By using the content blocks, you are able to format pictures and videos seamlessly.


the image block

By using the image block, you can insert photos directly onto your site in different places. Once you have inserted the block, click on "Add an image" in the middle; or you can simply drag and drop it into the white box.

For SEO purposes, ensure that your file name consists of relevant keywords. Also, your photos should be 1500 px in width, and be less than 500 kb in size. Larger photos will give your website slow page loading time, which can affect your SEO rankings.


There are many options you have for your image - you can link it to another page, insert a file to open, stretch the image to fit, or use the Lightbox function. Lightbox allows users to click on the photo and open larger in a new window. If you click on the "Edit" button under your picture (shown below) you will be able to crop it, resize it, and edit the picture within Squarespace.


As with all the other content blocks, you can also move the image around, such as placing it next to text in a column format. Once you select "Apply", click on the image in your page and you will notice a box around it with circles. If you click and hold on a circle, you can adjust the image vertically to line up with other objects. You can also add a caption where it states "Write here" under the photo.


the video block

This block works similar to the Image Block, but it is used to display videos. Videos are hosted externally, such as YouTube, however they will play directly on your site. Simply insert a video block, than you will see an option to insert the video URL - depending on the hosting company, you may need to enter the embed code instead. You can also add a custom thumbnail image and caption.

For more help, visit the Squarespace Knowledge Base.