Module 4: Formatting Text

Squarespace makes it very easy to format text and display headers as you would like them shown. This tutorial will discuss inserting, changing and formatting various text functions on your site.


inserting a text block

For more on working with Squarespace blocks, visit the The Content Blocks tutorial.

In your page while you are in edit mode, move your cursor to where you would like the text to appear and click on the eyedropper icon.


Type the text that you would like, and use the Text Block Editor (black bar) for formatting.


formatting text using the text block editor

You can undo/redo, bold, italicize, create a link from text, alignment, etc. In the drop down, you will see options for Normal, Headings, and Quote. Depending on the text that you would like, you will choose one of these options. Normal is your standard body text, which should be used for most of your site; headings are used with keywords for search engines, or at the top of pages, and are typically larger. To format these, you will need to use your Style Editor to change the font, size, etc. You will also have options next to the drop down for bullet points and to indent certain words or phrases.


Important: If you are copying text from another source and pasting it into the text block, use the clipboard icon to the right to paste as plain text. This will ensure that your text will be formatted for your site, not from the source that it came from.


deleting a text block

If you would like to delete an entire text block, just click on the trash can on the far right in the text block editor.


creating columns of text

You can easily create columns of text within your site. First, you will insert a text block and type the first column of text. Once completed, insert a spacer block underneath this text. This is just for separation purposes, so the text blocks do not merge together. Under the spacer block, insert your second column. You will want to insert a spacer block after each column of text you would like (shown below).


Once you have all of your text in place, now you can begin dragging and dropping the text. Hover over the column of text you want to move. Your cursor will turn into a hand icon, so you can drag the block. You will see a black guideline appear while dragging so you know where to drop Column B.


You will repeat this process for Column C, dragging it next to Column B, and you should have your columns! Just a quick note: to create columns that are all the same width, you'll need to have one of these numbers of columns: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12.


All you need to do is delete the spacer bars, and your columns are complete! If they are coming out uneven, you can also insert your cursor in between and adjust the columns so they are even. Also, centering the text also helps with this.

You can also use this method to put text next to a picture, video, or almost any other Squarespace block. I always recommend checking the mobile version as well, to ensure your columns are coming out in the order you would like them to. Click on the arrow at the top of your screen, and you will see a phone, tablet and computer screen. This is where you can check your formatting for other devices as well!


maximizing seo

Search engines typically prioritize site titles, page titles, blog post titles, and headings. Clear, descriptive headings can allow search engines like Google to be able to understand the overall content on your site. Use short, descriptive keywords when using Heading 1 & 2 to maximize SEO performance.

For more help, visit the Squarespace Knowledge Base.