Module 2: Using Pages

In this module, we will discuss how to use the different page features in Squarespace to build your website!


accessing pages

From your home menu, select Pages and you will see a list of the different pages on your site. As discussed in the basics module, you will see Top Navigation and Not Linked. All of the pages under Top Navigation are the pages that will appear at the top of your website.


creating a new page

To create a new page, simply click on the "+" sign at the top right corner of your menu. You will see many different options to creating a new page.

Page: This will simply create a new web page.

Products: For those with a Squarespace ecommerce plan, you can add a new product page here.

squarespace tutorial

Cover Page: A cover page is a great Squarespace feature that allows you to place a single page on your site. This can be used if your website is under maintenance so your clients do not see your website in disarray; it can also be used as a landing page when your clients first access the site to direct them to different products and services.

Folder: A folder is used when you want to have subcategories listed under a navigation menu (example below). In this example, you would create a main categories folder ("Weddings") and then you can drag the pages you would like shown underneath ("Ordering and Pricing", etc.).

Album: You can create an album of audio files to your website.

Index: This creates an index page, which is similar to a home page. Not necessary for a website, and only available on certain template.

Blog: This will create a new blog for you. Most website only create one blog per site.

Gallery: This is a great way to show off a portfolio of images and videos. By creating a gallery, you will be able to use this link to upload and maintain a gallery of images. Typically, a Gallery is linked to a regular page.

Events: You can add a calendar or list of events right on your website.

Link: This can be an internal or external link (such as Facebook) instead of creating a physical page.


managing your pages

Deleting a page: You can simply delete a page by clicking on the trash can to the left of the page.

Changing the page title: Double-click on the page title you would like to change.

Changing the page settings: You can change many of the page functions by clicking on the wheel next to the page. You can change the page title; Disable the page while you are working on it so it cannot be accessed; change your URL slug; set a password for the page; make it the home page, and many more options.

Organizing pages: You can click and drag pages around to reorder your navigational menu, and also move pages from the Top Navigation to the Not Linked section. If you are using a folder to create submenus in your navigation, you can drag and drop pages into a folder as well.

Deleted pages: At the bottom of your Pages menu, you can recover deleted pages that were mistakenly deleted.

For more help, visit the Squarespace Knowledge Base.