escort/place card template


General Guidelines:

If you would like to order escort or place cards, I have a template below as well as a few tips to ensure your names are set up correctly.

What is the difference between escort and place cards? Escort Cards are usually displayed in the foyer of the reception venue; this tells each guest what table they are to sit at. Place cards are used on the table, to indicate what seat the person should sit in, and if applicable their meal selection.


submitting your spreadsheet


Please check for spelling, extra spaces, and returns (enters) in your spreadsheet. Please note that lines that are too long may need to wrap. Each person should receive their own card, including married couples.

Capitalization will be converted to exactly how your proof shows it.



Email your sheet to, and upon receipt I will provide a one-time snapshot for your review. Once you have provided the final template as well as design approval, we can finalize your order!

If you already have a spreadsheet with First Name and Last Name separated into two columns, there is no need to reformat - you may simply insert a last name column to paste it into the new template.