Custom WEdding Design


If you do not see something in the Wedding Collection, I am happy to create something custom just for you! We will review your overall aesthetic, color palette, fonts, etc. to create a design that is unique to you.

It is recommended for custom work to begin a minimum of 5-6 months in advance. Design fees begin at $350 for one concept and three proofs, with additional proofs available for a fee.


How does this work?

First, you will complete the form below to get in touch. I will review your information and send over your estimate for the design fee.. Once you have approved the proposal, upon payment I will begin designing. You will have 3 full rounds of proofs to make the design perfect!

In addition to the design fee, print pricing + customization options are in addition based on the quantity needed. You will find more information on the weddings page. We do not charge extra for color envelopes or paper with custom designs.


Let's begin designing!  


Quantities and wording can be approximate; this is just to give me an idea of what you will need for your stationery, and a basis to begin designing.



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