Business Coaching Questionnaire

This questionnaire will allow me to get to know your business a bit better, learn about your successes, your issues, and everything in between. Please be very descriptive when completing the questionnaire; the more information provided, the easier it will be for me to provide valuable feedback!

It is recommended that you prepare your answers in a Word document first, and then copy/paste when you are ready to submit.


Name *
If you have a tagline, please provide that here as well.
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
About your business
Word of mouth, vendors, Instagram, Etsy, etc.
This may be a difficult question, and most business owners have multiple struggles, but for this exercise I just want you to name the biggest one.
Phone, Skype, in person, email, etc.
Time Management
This is could be a special email program, project management system, calendar, scheduling system, etc.
Please note this section is optional. Finance is a large part of business, so I want to ensure we cover everything needed; however, if you don't want this to be a part of your coaching session, you can skip this section.
If you only offer a product-based business, this rate would be the average you make in one week, minus expenses and divided by the number of hours you work on average.
Project management platform, Google, email, bookkeeping, etc.