Why You Should Hire a Wedding Stationery Designer

Weddings are expensive - dresses, flowers, photography, the venue, reception...the list goes on and on! Wedding stationery should account for approximately 7-10% of your budget; for example, if your overall wedding budget is $10,000, you should allow about $700 - $1,000 for your stationery products. While I am a fan of DIYing some aspects of your wedding, your stationery should not be one of those items. 

In today's post, I will walk through a few reasons on why you should hire a professional wedding stationery designer for your wedding correspondence.

1 | Quality

For me, this is the number one reason you should hire a stationer. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, so your stationery should reflect that. This is the physical item that all of your guests will have as a keepsake, so the overall quality of the paper, envelopes, and ink should be exceptional. 

Wedding papers are not something that can be purchased at a craft store, and are too thick for standard home or office printers. Your stationery should reflect optimal print quality which is only achieve through a high quality printer. Once you find a few designs that you like, order paper samples from the designer prior to purchase to ensure the quality is high. Not all designers use the same paper; some use thinner, lower quality paper, so ordering samples in advance is important.

Stationers have a vast array of envelope options at their disposal, as well as many have the ability to print return and guest addressing for you. I have had brides ask me about labels, which you shouldn't use on any of your wedding stationery. Envelopes should be either printed by a professional, addressed by a calligrapher, or handwritten by someone with great handwriting. Your wedding stationer can help you determine what would be the best method for your budget.

Stationery designers use high quality, archival inks for their stationery which is not used with home or work printers. You wouldn't want your stationery fading in five to ten years, so it is best to use high quality printing in order to preserve your stationery.


2 | Design

Hiring a professional designer is key to ensuring your stationery isn't generic. A graphic designer will create your stationery in special software, meant to control details such as spacing, fonts, graphics, etc.  The overall design concept is very important, as your stationery is the first item your guests will receive as an introduction to your wedding day. By utilizing a professional, you will have a design that will stand out and have your guests getting excited to join you!

A professional will also know the proper text size, spacing between letters, proper wording etiquette, and fonts that will compliment one another. We invest in high quality commercial fonts, and have the ability to design more effectively with those than using a basic program like Microsoft Word.

A designer will use proper graphics, not clip art, for your stationery. Usually these are either hand drawn or purchased from a vendor who specializes in quality graphics. They can also ensure that the graphic is the appropriate size for your cards, and fits with the overall theme.

Wedding etiquette is a huge part of your stationery, and your stationer can help you with wording and addressing appropriate for your wedding day. 

Sometimes when working with a designer, you will have different inspirations that are incorporated to truly make your design unique. This is something that would really only happen with a professional, and is worth the investment.


3 | Time

Attempting to DIY your stationery is very time consuming, and not as easy as one may think. I have had many last minute requests because something went wrong, it was taking longer than they thought, or it didn't turn out right. Think about what you are willing to spend your time on, and determine if it is worth saving a few hundred dollars to do it yourself. In many cases, you will end up spending more time and money trying to DIY these items than leaving it to a professional stationer.


4 | Matching Stationery

By hiring a professional, your wedding stationery will match throughout. Your programs, menus, escort & place cards, thank you cards, etc. should reflect the overall look you are trying to achieve, so keeping this cohesive is important.


5 | Avoiding Tears

While budgets are important, there comes a point when the additional stress just isn't worth it to save a few dollars. Think about all of the wedding planning vendor decisions you will need to make in the coming months, and remember that's why we are here - to help brides achieve the best for their wedding day. 

I love what I do. Creating wedding stationery is so memorable, and it truly is an honor when a bride chooses me for their wedding. I offer a fun, easy design process to alleviate stress, so brides can focus more on planning. It truly is all in the details.

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