What Cards Do I Need For Weddings Invitations?

As a wedding stationery designer, I often get asked on how to relay information and collect data to make the invitation process easier. This post will go through all of the items, and what cards the information should be on, so it will help organize you a bit better!

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This is the main piece, and the largest card. This is where you will put who's hosting (parents, or "together with our families"), the date, time, and location. Also putting if there is a reception often helps your guests (such as "reception to follow"). No website addresses, rsvp or reception details should be on your invitation, just the basics.

What should not be on the invite: RSVP information, website addresses, attire, or any special instructions


Outer/Invite Envelopes

If you are worried about damage to the outer envelope or having a formal ceremony, then we recommend using an outer envelope. Also called "double envelopes", this is the outer envelope that can have the guest and return addressing, as well as your postage, and then your invitation envelope will go inside. Since it is common for the outer envelope to become damaged in shipment, this is a great way to preserve your invitation suite during mailing.


Reply Cards 

Reply card with envelope: This is the most common way for your guests to reply, and the most formal. You will have a small reply card with a self-addressed envelope with postage that you will include for your guests. 

What should not be on the RSVP card: your website, since the card will be mailed back to you; any further instructions that they might need. Instead, Insert Cards should be used.

Reply inserts: A great way to save money not only on the cards, but on postage as well. Perfect for more informal ceremonies! This card will have your website information and reply deadline date where they can submit it electronically vs. mailing it back to you.



These cards are multi-taskers, and you can have a few different inserts with your invitation suite. Primarily, inserts are used for adding other helpful information (website addresses, accommodations, transportation, brunch information, etc.). Another way inserts can work for you is for rehearsal dinner invites - you can include these cards to only the guests invited to the rehearsal dinner, and a great way to also save a little by enclosing them with the invitation.

Maps: Insert cards can also be used for custom map drawings, particularly if you are having a destination wedding or having a lot of out of town guests. It's a great way to visually show them where all the events are located, and we can custom draw maps to match any of our designs.