How To Use A Landing Page On Your Website

When I built my website, I needed a landing page (i.e. information page) where my clients could go quickly go to find information on my wedding and branding services. Formally, a landing page is a web page specifically designed for a single focused objective, often times for advertising purposes. However, I use it more as an information board for my clients to get as much detail as possible on one page. This has helped tremendously with cutting down on email exchanges, and allows a smoother buying experience for my customers.

landing page on your website blog post 2.png

For those who sell on third party sites (like Etsy), particularly custom work, it is very difficult to update 30+ listings on the same type of product. I found that providing the same link in each of my listings has allowed me to update and make changes much easier than trying to keep all the information within each listing current.

Below are three examples of landing pages that I currently have on this site and how they are used.


Wedding Invitations

For something as highly customized as weddings, I have created a weddings page that is specific to my clients needing save the dates or wedding invitations. This one page gives them all the information they need: pricing, customization options, how to order, and the timing. This makes it easy for my clients without clicking on several pages to find the answers they need. This is the link I give out to all wedding inquiries, as well as on Etsy to provide more information.

Wedding Invitations August and White


Branding + Website Services

Very similar to my weddings page, I also have a landing page for my branding and website services. Just a simple, easy page that explains the process, my portfolio, as well as gives detailed package information and how to contact me for a consultation. This link is what I give out directly to customers who are interested in those services.

Branding and Website Services.jpg


Another way I use a landing page is for social media - in particular, Instagram. Instagram only allows one link in your profile, which you can change often but this becomes cumbersome and confusing if someone is reading something you posted 3 weeks ago. The link has probably changed and this makes it difficult to find what they are looking for. I created a separate Instagram landing page for two reasons. First, it is a stable link that never needs to be changed, so it is easier for me and convenient for my followers. Second, it is great for tracking, because I can see how many people from Instagram are directly accessing my site through this one link (rather than just directing them to my home page). Since Instagram is primarily used on mobile devices, I have this page set up with simple navigation for phones.

Landing pages are crucial for me to make it easier on my customers to find relative information, and answer many questions to avoid long email chains. When I started using landing pages, it not only decreased the amount of emails, but I also saw a huge spike in sales because it made everything easier on my clients. How do you use landing pages on your website?