How to Attract Your Ideal Client

For small business owners, getting clients is probably the number one stress in having your business. I have experienced the ups and downs of this, and have been able to attract a target audience based on creating a client profile. Today we are going to chat about how you can determine who your ideal clients are, and how to maximize your marketing efforts.

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The Dream Client

When most start their business, they will sell to anyone to make a sale. They may even design or create items that do not appeal to them; they are creating to fit what they think customers want.

Enter: The Dream Client. The type of customer that will spend any amount of money, are friendly, respectful, and just a joy to do business with. They value your time and the product or service you are providing them; they are loyal and happy to refer you to anyone that will listen.

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Identifying Your DREAM Client

Now, even by creating your client profile, not every client will necessary be your "dream client". Depending on the type of industry you are in, this can be a challenge unless you are somewhat experienced with your business. This can take time, but in the long run will pay off tremendously.

Let's start by creating your ideal client profile, and be as detailed as possible. Type out your answers for future reference, as this profile can make a significant impact on your business.

  1. Where else does your ideal client shop?
  2. How do they dress?
  3. What is their age range? Male or female?
  4. What is their educational level?
  5. What is their income level?
  6. What do they want or need solved for them?
  7. What websites, magazines, or blogs do they read?
  8. What social media outlets do they utilize?

Example for Question #1
When thinking of where my clients would shop, I selected Anthropolie. I went to my local store and walked around, picturing some of my products on their shelves. Anthropologie attracts simple, slightly higher end clientele who appreciate their overall neutral palette and simple beauty. They provide a great client experience as well, with their displays, packaging, and gift boxes. 

Try going to a local store that you chose for question #1, and see if you get the same visual feeling. In reviewing your other answers, does your current brand reflect the type of place your ideal client would shop? 


Get More Business from Your Ideal Client

How do you attract these types of clients for your business?


With your answers from above, go to a few websites where you think your ideal client would shop. Does your current website give the same overall feeling? People want to buy from businesses they can relate to, so review your current branding and see if they coincide with what your ideal client would want. Your brand is more than a logo; it needs to reflect the overall client experience and the feeling you are providing. 


When you receive an ideal client, offer them a discount on their next product or service for referring you to their friends. Most likely, the people that they are around will also fit your business needs. You can also go back to previous ideal clients, tell them that you enjoyed working with them, and ask them to refer you in exchange for a discount.

Be Where Your Ideal Client Is

Being present so your ideal client can find you is a key marketing strategy. If you feel they would enjoy Instagram, then utilize that platform more. Join Facebook groups where people may need to utilize your services, blog about topics they would be interested in. Also, commenting and responding on other blog posts to get to know potential clients is also a great way to earn business. 


So, you have a great social media strategy and excellent branding; now how do you get them to purchase from you? Other than the obvious fact that they need to like and need your product or services, pricing is the one item you can control somewhat on who buys your products. Evaluate where you sit with pricing in your industry, and ensure this matches the quality you provide and income of the target client you are trying to attract. 

I sell on Etsy and via my own website for wedding invitations. However, Etsy receives millions and millions of hits every day, and potentially only 2-3% of them are what I would consider to be my ideal client. Along with branding, my pricing tells my clients the type of business I am, and that they can expect a quality experience. Price according to what your ideal client would want to pay for the product or service.

I hope this helps you in understanding how important it is to attract your ideal client!