5 Reasons You Should Hire a Brand Stylist

If you are considering rebranding, or refreshing your brand, you have probably been on Pinterest, pinning away at many brand boards for inspiration. If you are considering hiring a brand stylist, here are five reasons why you should.

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What is a Brand Stylist?

Your brand tells your customers who you are, about your products or services, and what they can expect from you. A brand stylist is a graphic designer and strategist who specializes in creating visual elements and a vision that will reflect the type of clientele that you would like to attract. Each one of us has a very specific system in place for gathering inspiration and knowing what questions to ask from our clients. Branding is a crucial part of creating and increasing your business, and while it may be a pricey investment up front, in the long run these costs are a solid investment. Also, many stylists offer payment plans as well, to make it easier on the budget!

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1 | Branding is the most important Business investment

Branding is more than just graphics - it is what a client feels when they see your products, view your website, spot your logo, communicate with you, etc. The biggest myth is that branding equivalent to a logo - when actually, it is much more than that.

With that said, since branding is your single most important investment you can make in your business, having a professional, well rounded appearance is crucial in an over saturated internet market.

Branding can actually determine if you are successful or not, so it is extremely important that it is done properly. If you have great products, but your visual representation is not trustworthy, then you will not be successful.


2 | Branding is not a logo

"I just need a logo". I have heard and seen this statement often, and it makes me cringe a little every time! While the logo is the foundation for the graphic element of branding, there is so much more to consider.


Having a visual appearance is extremely important. I have seen many, many logos that are difficult to read, come across much differently than the products or services, or do not match what they have to offer. Graphics also roll over to the website, business cards, thank you notes, and other collateral pieces that all need to match into a cohesive brand strategy. If you only have one logo to work from, generally this will not work in all applications.


Branding is also strategic. While the graphics play an important role, brand strategy centers around how you will communicate with your clients, visually and verbally. This includes how you will appear on social media, the way your emails are structured, etc.

The type of clientele you would like to attract will base how you will strategically place your business in the market. Client trust is the most important part of any brand strategy, and your stylist can give you the ways to achieve this for your business.


3 | They Will Target Your Ideal Client

Your brand stylist will do a deep dive into your ideal client, where they shop, how old they are, what they are looking for, etc. and will be able to give you a better perspective. Branding involves the entire client experience, from the moment they click on your website to when you are thanking them for their business.

This will also involve reviewing your products and services, to ensure they are attracting the audience that you think they are. You will not only learn more about what your ideal client wants, but you will also learn more about yourself!

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4 | They are Graphic Designers

Your brand stylist is a graphic designer - they know the size files that are necessary; know what colors will print well; what colors will show on the web; what colors will work within a color palette, etc.

They will also know what fonts will pair well together, which ones to stay away from, and the proper spacing for letters and lines to achieve a truly unique look.

Many brand stylists are also website designers, to seamlessly integrate your new brand into a solid online presence for your business. Your website is extremely important, as for most this is the first item your potential clients will see from you.


5 | it is time consuming

As a business owner, your time should be spent focusing on your customers and creating new products. Hiring a professional to do this work for you will be less stressful and will also give you back the time you need to run your business efficiently. Most importantly, it will be done correctly!