3 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Today, I am very excited to have my friend and professional photographer Anna Bowser taking over the blog to give us the top three tips on how to hire a wedding photographer. Anna has many years of experience, and is known for her breathtaking wedding mountain photographs.

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When planning a wedding, what are the first three things that naturally come to your mind that you should plan for? If a photographer is one of these things, you’ve already captured my attention. However, that’s not what it’s about; photography is the opposite. We as photographers need to capture the bride’s attention. My name is Anna Bowser and I’m a wedding photographer for the adventurous. 

My description of adventurous does not mean hiking up a mountainside in a wedding dress to get THE shot (although I’ve done it and it was totally worth it). Adventurous is being creative and bold. I look for couples who aren’t afraid to jump in puddles in their wedding attire, take a few minutes away from their reception to tell each other how spiffy they look, set off fireworks during their reception or get knee deep in a lake with me. I want to attract the couples that aren’t afraid to live for the moment.

What about the couples though? What should a bride and groom look for in their future wedding photographer? This question comes up a lot when I meet with my clients to ensure I am the photographer for them. Therefore, I’m going to share my top three tips for choosing a wedding photographer.


1 | Style

Look at each photographer’s style. Do they like to keep images bright or dark, flat or contrasty? Do they shoot straight ahead or are they adventurous in the fact that they offer different angles for a simple pose? Do they shoot at a distance for the most part or do they like close ups as well? Do they photograph a certain color better than others? A photographer’s style sets them apart from the rest.

Photography by  Anna Bowser

Photography by Anna Bowser


2 | Personality

If possible, always try to meet your photographer ahead of time before any session and DEFINITELY before your wedding day. Some photographers don’t have time for this but I feel it is imperative for my business process. This helps you to not only get to know each other but also gives you a sense of trust that may be minimal at the time, but come wedding day can be detrimental. Wedding day can bring a lot of unwanted stress; your photographer should not be one of those things that causes stress. My goal is to come in wedding day and make it as if all the stress was nonexistent. 

Photography by  Anna Bowser

Photography by Anna Bowser

3 | Experience

While it is listed last, experience should not be taken for granted. Always research a photographer’s experience. One photographer might have been in the business for eight years but has made very minimal improvement. Whereas, another photographer might have only been in business for two years but has improved greatly within those two years. Each wedding is different and every wedding teaches a new lesson. Yes, it might save you money to hire a friend to take your wedding photos and it is far too cliche to say but, “you get what you pay for”. 

Photography by  Anna Bowser

Photography by Anna Bowser

When choosing a wedding photographer, there is no such thing as too much research. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The cake will get eaten, the decorations will be torn down and you’ll most likely return your suit and pack up your dress for 25 years. Your wedding pictures are the first thing you grab when you want to share your wedding day with others and they are the lasting memories you hold onto for the rest of your life.

Choose with a purpose, not a price.


Written by Anna Bowser

Anna resides in Roanoke, Virginia and is available to travel around the world. You can view her portfolio and information on her website.



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